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RO vending machines


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Reverse osmosis vending machine can be connected to any common water supply system and is capable of producing extra quality drinking water with help of filtering and membrane equipment produced by Ecosoft. Purified drinking water is dispensed in measured quantities in customer’s container from 0,5 to 18,9 liters.

Protective case and control board are made of durable steel and thus provide resistance to environment that allows to install the machine in any place where water, power supply and drainage can be provided.

The main benefit of Ecosoft vending machine is low cost price of purified drinking water — up to 4 times lower than for any similar systems present on Ukrainian market. That is possible because of optimal design, direct supplies of equipment from the world best manufacturers and use of highly productive reverse osmosis membranes Filmtec of Dow Chemical (USA).


  • Complete and automated membrane water treatment technology
  • Vending water dispense panel
  • Several types of pure water: low TDS water, drinking water
  • Quick start-up
  • Low price of pure water
  • Capacity: 1000–10000 liters per day
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001