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Special cartridges

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Activated carbon cartridges

Activated carbon cartridges remove chlorine, chlorine-organic compounds (DBPs), tastes and odors, sediment particles.
Available as granular activated carbon (GAC) and carbon block (CB) cartridges manufactured with coconut shell activated carbon.
Size (inch): GAC cartridges – 2.5x10, 4.5x10, 4.5x20; CB – 2.5x10.

 GAC, 4.5x20  GAC, 4.5x10  GAC, 2.5x10  CB, 2.5x10


Catalytic carbon cartridges

Catalytic carbon cartridges remove hydrogen sulfide, iron, chlorine, chloramine, some pesticides and oil products.
Filter material: “Centaur”, catalytic activated carbon.
Size (inch): 4.5x10, 4.5x20.

 Centaur, 4.5x20  Centaur, 4.5x10


Softening cartridges

Ion exchange cartridges for water softening.
Filtering material: Dowex cation exchange resin, manufactured by Dow Chemical.
Size (inch): 2.5x10, 4.5x10, 4.5x20.

Softening cartridge, 4.5x20 Softening cartridge, 4.5x10 Softening cartridge, 2.5x10
 Softening cartridge, 4.5x20  Softening cartridge, 4.5x10  Softening cartridge, 2.5x10