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Commercial RO systems

Applications: commercial water treatment.

Removes: total dissolved solids, nitrates, chlorides, sulfates, hydrocarbonates and hardness.

Description: impurities present in water are removed during the contact with semipermeable membrane. Membrane passes water molecules and retains all the remained impurities. As a result two water streams are generated: purified water (permeate) and the concentrate that is discharged into the sewers.


  • pure water — highest degree of various impurities removing, including organic, inorganic substances and microorganisms
  • stability & efficiency — consistently high treatment efficiency and long service life due to application of membranes Filmtec (Dow Chemical)
  • ease to use — fully-automatic control system does not require the consumer participation
  • state-of-the-art Grundfos pump ensure reliable and energy efficient system operation
  • built-in conductivity meter provides continuous monitoring of permeate quality and interrupts system operation if purified water quality doesn’t correspond to established requirements
  • environmentally gentle — reduced waste water disposal due to concentrate recycle


Model Flow capacity, l/hour* Water consumption during operation, l/hour Power supply Power consumption, kW Dimensions
(H x W x D), mm
MO 6000 280 370–560 220 V, 50 Hz 0,67 1400 x 550 x 400
MO 10000 530 710–1060 220 V, 50 Hz 0,67 1400 x 550 x 400

Influent limitations**

Chlorine — 0,1 ppm Iron — 0,1 ppm Manganese — 0,05 ppm Silicates — 20,0 ppm COD — 16,0 ppm KMnO4

* Rated at: 25 °C, pH 7,6 and TDS of feed water 1500 ppm.
** Consult Ecosoft technical support for proper raw water pretreatment.


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